The benefits of SSD over HDD

Oct 30,2020

When looking for a new hard drive, whether it be an external hard drive for added storage or an internal hard drive that runs your computers operating system, there are two options to choose from, a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD). Often we’re accustomed to pick the version that offers the greatest memory capacity at the lowest price. Often times that’s the traditional HDD, however SSD offers far more benefits that far outweigh the difference in cost or capacity.

A hard disk drive (HDD) is an electromechanical device with an actuator arm that positions itself over spinning disks in order to read or write information. A solid state drive (SSD) are interconnected pools of compact flash memory. So what makes one better than the other?

As an industry leader in storage and duplication equipment and peripherals, it’s a no brainer for us. We have found that SSDs have a number of advantages over HDDs that can offset the difference in sticker price. Firstly, SSDs are super quiet because they have no moving parts, unlike the HDD, which focuses around spinning platters and a moving arm to sweep across the platters to write or read data. SSD’s don’t vibrate, which improves reliability and if dropped, a hard drive might get damaged; not so with an SSD. An SSD uses less power and generates less heat, compared to a HDD. On top of improved durability and less disruption, the greatest advantage is the significantly faster read/write speed. Not only can an SSD recall data much faster than the slower HDD, but it’s more reliable and accurate as well.

However, one of the drawbacks for a common SSD, when relying on flash memory, there is a possibility of data corruption due to bad memory cells on the drive. That’s why Vinpower the most reliable SSD on the market with our line of Optiarc SSD models. In order to provide total peace of mind, Vinpower performs the highest levels of total quality testing, ensuring that our Optiarc SSD’s will not fail or crash on you! So if you care about faster speed, better quality, reliability, and maintaining the content stored on your hard drives, look no further that Vinpower’s line of Optiarc and PioData SSD.

To learn more about this item, or any of Vinpower’s line of products, visit www.vinpowerdigital.com, or speak with a Vinpower representative in your area.

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After a tremendous response from Taiwanese influencer 3C Tim’s Chinese language review of the iXflash, we’ve now added English subtitles.

Oct 23,2020

A little over a month ago, I shared a glowing review of our iXflash drive as an ideal accessory for anyone with an iPhone or iPad. Because the video review was entirely in Chinese, many of our recipients were disappointed that they couldn’t understand what 3C Tim was saying about the iXflash. Because of your feedback, we coordinated with 3C Tim and had the entire spoken text translated into English and posted onto the video review as shown on YouTube, which you can view again or for the first time by clicking on the below link:

https://youtu.be/QoSBZzDd40s When you watch the video, make sure the “Subtitles/Closed Caption” feature is turned on.

So now, you don’t have to reply on my synopsis or finding a friend the speaks Chinese to translate for you. You can watch the video on your own and read either the English subtitles or YouTube can use the English subtitles to translate into numerous other languages, which you may be more comfortable with. Once you watch the video and able to understand the full context of 3C Tim’s full review through English subtitles or in your own language, it will highlight even further all the advantages and benefits the iXflash drive offers from an unbiased 3rd party.


The iXflash is compatible with the full new series of iPhone 12 mobile devices

Oct 16,2020

As is customary every year, though a little later than usual, Apple touts their latest batch of iPhones along with other new inventive items they plan to offer to the general public. Due to disruptions because of COVID, the announcement was about a month later than normal, but the pomp and circumstances were still in full affect. Amongst other new or improved items Apple plans to release now or in the near future, the pièce de résistance was certainly not just 1 or even 2 new iPhone offerings, but a total of 4 new iPhone 12 versions. The main difference between the devices is the size of each iPhone, which of course all of them offer advantages to previously released models.

Given that the iXflash is a tremendous accessory for an iPhone or iPad, we are proud to acknowledge that the existing iXflash and the iXflash App is compatible with the latest line of iPhone 12’s. Vinpower takes pride in making sure the iXflash and its corresponding App remains at the leading edge of technology and offers its users the best and most reliable experience. Hence, it’s critical that we make sure the iXflash is up to date with any new or enhanced Apple iOS software and/or corresponding hardware. Recognizing the importance of not just compatibility, but also any and all new advancements that could enhance the iXflash’s ability to support our client base, is why the iXflash remains the most useful portable Apple iOS accessory.

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Vinpower’s VDX-1 mini-autoloader, is the small, inexpensive, powerful tool that you wish you knew about sooner…

Oct 08,2020

Much like the tiny ant that can lift 5,000 times it’s body weight, the VDX-1 autoloader can do the job of much bigger and more expensive autoloaders. Weighing less than 12 lbs (just over 5kg), and slightly bigger than a standard shoebox, the VDX-1 can fit virtually anywhere. Plus, it’s completely standalone, so it’s easy to take on the go and as long as there’s an electrical outlet, the VDX-1 is ready to work. Just like the mighty worker ant, the VDX-1 gets the job done.

The VDX-1 comes with 1 drive and 50 disc capacity, but can work 24/7 like a champ. With a retail price below $450, it’s practically a steal. For more details on the VDX-1, click on the following link: https://www.vinpowerdigital.com/t/categories/Disc-Autoloaders/The-MiniLoader-VDX-1


The iXflash can be extremely useful in an emergency

Sep 30,2020

There are occasions when emergencies can arise and you have limited resources at your disposal. The iXflash can be a valuable tool for not only documenting important information, but also allowing you to pass that information along when there is no power or internet access available.

Recently, my home was on evacuation alert due to massive wildfires in the area. In situations like these, if you need to evacuate, it’s best to only take those items that are necessary and can’t be replaced. However, if the worst case scenario should happen, in order to file a claim for all the items you may have lost, it’s advised to photograph or take a video of all your possessions in every room of your residence. What if you have limited memory on your iPhone and you don’t have time to clear space in order to record all your possessions. The iXflash allows you to record photos or videos that bypasses the iPhone’s memory and record those pictures and/or videos directly to the iXflash, saving time and memory.

In addition, in a situation where there’s no power and internet access, the iXflash can transfer those images, videos, and even important documents on to a computer or another iPhone/iPad. This will help you provide pertinent details to an insurance adjuster or other relevant person. Since the iXflash is so small, it can fit in your pocket comfortably, so you don’t have to worry about hurriedly packing it away and trying to remember where you put it, when you need it. Simply add it to you key ring or put it in a purse or other accessory that you keep on your person and it’s always available.

Hopefully you never find yourself in a predicament where it becomes necessary to evacuate quickly, but just like having a first aid kit or spare water bottles, it’s always good to be prepared should the need arise. The iXflash could become a very valuable tool in those situations, as well as being incredibly useful for normal day to day situations. It truly is the best of both worlds.

To learn more about Vinpower’s line of standalone robotic autoloaders, or any of our products, visit www.vinpowerdigital.com, or speak with a Vinpower representative in your area.

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Vinyl records sales in 2020 outgains CD music sales for first time since the 80’s, showing physical media is still profitable!

Sep 25,2020

Sure the title seems to cast a negative light over CD sales, but if you examine it closely, you’ll also see the positive opportunity as it relates to CD sales. Firstly, even in a decreased market, CD sales for the 1st half of 2020 was still around $130 million. That’s only talking about pressed CD audio discs, and doesn’t include the CD-R, recorded CD market treasured by many independent artists and enthusiast. Sure, CD’s have fallen from their peak, but they have not gone the way of the Dodo bird.

At one point, it was widely reported that CD’s were going to kill the vinyl albums market. But nostalgia lead to a steep resurgence that created steady gains year over year for vinyl records. The success of vinyl records and the continued increased sales for CD’s, shows that there’s a significant market for physical media. Undoubtedly, it’s won’t be too long before the nostalgia craze comes back around for CD’s and it will be cool to get the authentical full enhanced digital sound of an uncompressed original music file, rather than the deeply compressed streaming audio.

So for all the doomsday predictors that CD’s are dead, just as they thought Vinyl had kicked the bucket, there’s a second wave coming and you don’t want to miss out.